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The league was originally started by a bunch of people who regularly got together for some pickup softball in the downtown Toronto area circa 1975. It quickly grew, and permanent teams were established so that by the early 80's it had grown to its present format of 8 teams, and firmly established its identity with a formal championship and consolation trophy. The name of the league was borrowed from an associates squash league and legend has it that royal consent was granted for the use of the name by some person of dubious royal heritage.

The philosophy of the league has always been to have fun, and the weekly get together after the games is one of the main attractions. We are a co-ed league and we play 3 pitch softball. The team at bat supplies its own pitcher, and each batter gets a maximum of 3 pitches regardless of outcome. It's a lively game with lots of offense and many opportunities for prolific hitting and dazzling defensive plays.

Everyone makes the playoffs with a 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 format for the first round of playoffs. There is a championship round pitting those winners of the first round in a semifinal round then a final game. There is also a consolation round for the losers of the first round playoff games. The league champion and the consolation winners receive their trophies and props at a star studded gala affair following the championship game.

The championship trophy which can be seen below is rumoured to have strong reproductive powers. So much so that whichever team wins is guaranteed to have some member produce a child in the following year. Great personal care needs to be taken when handling the trophy by the winning team.

Looking for a fun league to join and play some softball every Wednesday evening during the summer? Contact the Commissioner, Chris Bassels. PLEASE NOTE however we are not accepting any TEAM Applications.

2017 Royal Canadian Baseball Association Member Teams

RCBA Champions

RCBA Consolation Champions

Unfortunately the trophy (and all records) for this category was left in a Toronto taxicab sometime in 2002 so all previous winners have been lost. If you are ever in a cab and you see a trophy on the dashboard, or just sitting there on the seat, see if it's ours.

Here's the new trophy as of 2004.

The Wally Stefoff Spirit Award

This award for sportsmanship and league spirit has been in existence since about 1990. But unfortunately it was also left in a Toronto taxicab by accident and lost in 2002. The award was replaced but the previous winners are lost.

If you have knowledge of past winners please email me any information.

The RCBA Hall of Fame

This honor has been bestowed periodically on people who have notably played in the league for many, many years. Kind of like a 25-year watch.

If you have knowledge of past winners please email me any information.

Most Valuable Player

Male Female
  • 2016 - Pat Craven (Sultans)
  • 2015 - Luca Tirelli (Hitmen)
  • 2014 - Chris White (T.A.C.)
  • 2013 - Glendon Tremblay (T.A.C.)
  • 2012 - Frank Carenza (Hitmen)
  • 2011 - John Bell (Balco Bulldogs)
  • 2010 - Chris Bassels (Hitmen)
  • 2009 - Victor Bigio (Bulldogs)
  • 2016 - Jennifer Olivera (Gorillas)
  • 2015 - Jen Bennett (Bulldogs)
  • 2014 - Cheryl Waldner (Gorillas)
  • 2013 - Quinn Davidson (Gonzos)
  • 2012 - Kelly Mercer (T.A.C.)
  • 2011 - Jenna Lee (Gorillas)
  • 2010 - Emma Krause (Originals)
  • 2009 - Jody Russelle (Hitmen)

This award was established in 2009.

Manager of the Year

This award was established in 2012.

Team Pub Award

This award was established in 2012.

RCBA at the pub 2013 photo

RCBA Commissioners

Here are some of the people that do the work that has kept this great league going for nearly 30 years now. Give 'em a big hand.

Previous RCBA Member Teams

Some teams change names, some morph into others, and some just plain disappear. Here's some names from the past.

Previous RCBA Parks

Over the years there have been many famous and not so famous places that we have played.

Previous RCBA Bars

We are currently investigating new digs for 2016. Over the course of our history there have been many other notable and sometimes notorious places we have frequented after our games on Wednesday evenings. Among them are . . .

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